What is liver disease? What is pancreatic cancer? What are liver tumors

How do I get treatment?

For further information and appointments please see the below contact numbers:

For Mr Rob Hutchins:

020 7234 2940

For the following Consultants:

020 7234 2730

Professor Nigel Heaton
Mr Parthi Srinivasan
Mr Andreas A. Prachalias
Dr Phil M. Harrison
Dr Michael Heneghan

  • Any tablets, medicines, inhalers that you are currently taking- preferably in their original packaging or with the prescription
  • A dressing gown (this can be supplied if required) Slippers will be supplied, if you wish to bring in your own- please make sure they are closed-back and sensible
  • Any toiletries you may require
  • Glasses/contact lenses, cases and solutions
  • Something to help you pass the time such as a book, magazines, puzzles etc.
  • X-rays, scans and any other appropriate reports or letters
  • Insurance documents
  • HCA hospital ID card
  • Credit/debit card or other payment method (Cash is not acceptable)
  • Valuables:Please do not bring jewellery, or any form of cash with you. If this is unavoidable, please ask you relative or friend to look after them. London Bridge Hospital cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to property brought into the Hospital.

What happens on the day of an operation?

You will see a member of staff from the accounts team; they will check your admission and account details with you.

You will then be sent up to the appropriate ward area, where you will be greeted by a member of the nursing team. They will show you to your room or bed space.

A nurse will complete the admission process with you. This will include: confirming your identity, completing paperwork, asking you questions about yourself and your health, (this is made shorter if you complete the Self Assessment Booklet), taking your blood pressure, pulse and temperature.

You will be given two hospital identity bracelets with your name and details on it. If you are allergic to anything such as some food, types of medication or latex please tell your nurse and a red allergy bracelet will be added.

You will be asked to wear a cotton hospital gown.

You will see your surgeon and/or anaesthetist prior to your procedure. Feel free to ask any questions at this time. You will then sign a consent form, unless you have already done so in the outpatient’s clinic. You will be given a copy of the consent form for your own records by your consultant or nurse.

If you are having an operation on a particular part of the body this may be marked by the surgeon at this time.

The nurses will check your personal details again before taking you to the operating theatre.

What do I need to bring with me to hospital?

Please bring with you:

For more information on being admitted to London Bridge Hospital visit: http://www.londonbridgehospital.com/LBH/private-patients/overview/